iLegislate Desktop App


iLegislate Desktop

iLegislate is a government-specific paperless agenda application for users of the Granicus Platform & Suites. 

iLegislate enables government officials to modernize their day-to-day agenda management by digitally reviewing meeting agendas, supporting documents and even archived meeting recordings

Instead of printing a thick agenda packet for each meeting attendee, iLegislate helps agencies go green with a paperless system to review agendas, reducing the cost of distributing materials.

Elected members and staff can save hours in their pre-meeting workflow by digitally annotating and bookmarking agendas, PDF attachments and items of interest while on- or offline. All annotations are synced to the Granicus cloud when an internet connection is established.

iLegislate is a legacy mobile application that I was tasked with updating and creating a desktop version. I carried over all of the robust features while modernizing the look and feel.

A shot of iLegislate Desktop in action!

A shot of iLegislate Desktop in action!

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