Boards & Commissions

Boards & Commissions

Boards & Commissions


Boards & Commissions is a SaaS application that enables users to keep track of appointment expirations, open and filled seats, and applications with an easy to use dashboard view. Clients are able to maintain an understanding of overall board make up with appointee demographics tracking to ensure their community is properly represented.


It provides an easy to manage unique application for any number of boards and commissions, each with their own questions and requirements. Clerks and citizens are able to save time and avoid duplicated efforts.


Custom appointments

One of the projects I worked on for this product was the Custom Appointments feature. Custom Appointments allows users to add a customized component to the the Board Details page and request specific information from appointees.


Once in Appointment details, fields and additional components can be added to the form and changes will be reflected on the web page: