University of Colorado Denver, Center for Faculty Development

As part of a class assignment to rebrand a non profit org, my team worked with the Center for Faculty Development Department at the University of Colorado Denver to redesign their website and promote their presence within the University’s network as well as create office awareness through print promotional materials. The CFD’s previous website had too much text and confusing navigation which was consequently burying all of the services and programs the department offered.

(Video by Steven Burrows)

Through use of personas, site maps, (Brandon Gorthy) and usability testing, my team streamlined the information and simplified the navigation, and enhanced usability by creating two different sites, an intranet and an external website. The content was evaluated and the structure was based on who the end user would be.

Below is a mock up of the intranet used by faculty and internal staff: (Mock up by Jay Lee)

 Based on feedback from the CFD, we organized content to make it easier for faculty to find and use all of the available resources the department has to offer. (Mock up by Jay Lee)

We provided template based print materials with easily swapped out content that could be updated and displayed throughout the building to promote awareness to other departments.